In a nutshell

Welcome to the Smile offer. Social media and Internet lifetime evolution. Smile is the easiest and cheapest way to grow your business through Internet.

Small and medium companies benefit of a full package of services regarding social media, website and Internet environment improvements.

We work on every aspects of your Internet presence so that you can boost your visibility and sales.

Our offer starts at CHF 250.- per month. You choose how many months you want to work with us. You can stop whenever you want and start again after a break. You are completely free. That's why we call our offer Smile 🙂

Social Media

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You probably already have a facebook page. The issue is how to get a people to follow your posts and most of all engage. Social networks is the key to bringing traffic to your website and convert curiosity into sales.

With time, many social networks have increased in popularity. It is time consuming to understand how to work best with them all. Our team will work on creating the ones you are missing, building a community and use each of them in a define way so that it all comes down to interest and most of all sales.

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Internet & Website

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You probably already have a website. The issue is how to get a good google page ranking, meaning how to be on the fist page. It is something that is getting harder with time because of many competitors and clever algorithms that look deeper into your website and environment.

Our team is dedicated to work on all the different aspects, using tools, defining word, verifying texts, meta words, taking into account analytics, building links and suggesting clever marketing tricks.

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Lifetime Evolution

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If you have a business, you have to think as if you had two. Internet is a very important source of revenue and should be considered as much as your physical business. Most of small and medium companies do not have time to deal with both in a proper way.

It takes some experience to deal with the timing of posting and manage to obtain interest through the messages delivered. There are many aspects to take into consideration when you work on several social networks. Yet the energy spent is worth it because you get a real flow of clients if it is done well. That is why having a team working for you is the best option.

Step by step you can go very far

Try it and if you like it continue. It is our philosophy.