Digital Signage

Digital Signage


We have created state of the art digital signage systems. Discover how you can easily communicate information with our eqo web system.

Ideal for shops, reception, menus, promotion, tourism, hospitality and so on, you name it. Catch customer attention while giving a look and feel of your corporate image.

Use dynamic content that updates automatically according to your day to day business. Make it react real time on your offers by linking it to your stock, cash register or even to the weather. Make your marketing digital.

Step one


Buy a eqo licence

A eqo licence is only CHF 19.90 per month. From there, you can use a web plateform to publish any content you need on a screen.

Create as many videos, images or webpage that you need, upload and broadcast it. It is as easy as that.

You can event create dynamic content directly from your web account, add weather forecast module, news module, hospitality module, etc. or ask our team to create your own module that fits to your need.

Step two


Buy a computer as big as a usb stick and plug it behind the tv.

With eqo, everything is light, even the prices. Our computer start at CHF 510.- for 2K and CHF 1065.- for 4K. Ask for our pre-installed intel compute stick (2k) or nuc (4k) and start communicating in your business.


Ready to communicate ?

Order now your eqo digital system and let the system work for you.