We are a revolutionary media placement agency, with a unique single point access to digital signage networks in Switzerland.


    Digital advertising made simple

    Enjoy maximum impact for your advertising campaigns

      3837 locations

      You can access over 3837 locations in Switzerland with a pool of 16764 screens through one single service.

      over 20 million OTS

      Reach and enjoy an impressive  8 million prospective clients a week and trigger and influence their buying habits through offering them 20 million opportunities to see your advertisement.

      42% increase in sales output

      By using advertising with digital signage you can potentially increase your volume of sales by up to 42%!

      Reach your target where and when it matters

      • 🔑

        Rental Properties

        Screens are located near mailboxes for optimum visibility and multiple sightings during the day. Get a “greener” and more modern image with digital signage instead of paper flyers. 

      • Hotels

        With screens in the lobbies and sometimes directly on the TV device in the room, you will deliver your message with great accuracy.

      • Airports

        Displayed when people are in waiting or arrival areas, your message  will catch the attention of audiences seeking information.

      • 🔀

        Train stations

        When on the move, your target is easily reached by relevant messages, bring them to you while they’re already on the move.

      • Public transport

        With screens in buses and on underground lines, you catch your audience’s attention while they are in a receptive mode.

      • Golfs

        A great place to reach an audience with buying power, and a great time since they are relaxing and enjoying themselves. Surprise them and see the results…

      • Shopping areas

        Commercial centers, post offices, petrol stations, press shops and convenience stores offer the best possible time and locations to influence your audience and trigger trade.

      • 💿

        Congress centers

        Benefit from maximum exposure to a great number of potential customers with your message delivered next to key information points.

      • 📣


        With the positivity and fun generated by major events, your audience is in a very receptive mode, allowing you to impact their memory with true emotional-added value.

      • 📈

        Sports centers

        When taking care of themselves, people are in a good mindset to receive positive and enticing messages. It’s a good time to let them know about you.

      • 🏆


        With intensity and emotions fully activated, your audience is highly receptive to messages. This is a great time to have an impact on a huge open-minded crowd.

      Get the best out of digital media buying


      • Simplified multi-network media buying
      • A one access point time saving process
      • Easy campaign planning
      • Hassle free management
      • Dedicated team and support


      • Multi-network screen selector
      • Filtering by revenue, type and area
      • Campaign management per week
      • Instant budget planning
      • Quick validation process


      • Single billing for all networks
      • Negotiated scale, rebates and low prices
      • Member get member reward scheme
      • Frequent discounts and free runs
      • Fidelity rewards

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        Manage your digital advertising content online

        Take absolute control of your digital campaigns

        Online publishing and management

        Upload content at any time, select locations at will and publish from anywhere.

        Over 100 locations already connected

        Access and manage your advertising publishing in over 100 locations across Switzerland…and this number is growing every month !

        Totally free of charge

        Zero fees, no obligations, just a “use it as much as you want” deal. That’s basically absolute freedom.

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        Digital communication power

        Digital signage solutions tailored to your needs

        Delivering accurate information at the right time and to the right people is what makes the difference in today’s competitive world. Whether you need to communicate internally or with your clients, to inform visitors or train teams, our experts will help you find the right solution to  and with the right tools to achieve that goal.

        For more information please visite our website : www.eqo.ch

        • 💿

          Retailing & Shopping Centers

          Increase sales, inform them about your latest products and services and keep them entertained!

        • 💿

          Hotels & Restaurants

          Inform them about your services, about current offers in leisure and tourism and get your partners to advertise.

        • 💿

          Corporate & industry

          Internal communication, data and notifications for visitors, train crews, and so much more

        • 💿

          Events & Competitions

          Display directions, maps, schedules, safety information and even create interactive content for your audience.

        • 💿

          Public sectors & Administration

          Inform visitors, liaise with employees, and get important messages delivered in real time

        • 💿

          Financial & Insurance

          Let your clients know about all the great services you have to offer; entertain them astutely while they are waiting.

        • 💿

          Education & courses

          Project training programs on demand, student information, safety rules, etc. simply through using one single interface.

        • 💿


          Administrate your own network, sell advertising spaces and keep commuters informed on traffic, safety and any other important matters.


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